3 chimneys in pastel palettes


1. Matlock House: Camberwell, Melbourne

Eight years after its first renovation, this 19th-century Victorian house finally reflects the evolving family dynamics and eclectic taste of the owners. A new era, after the family decided to replace the gentle interiors for children with a stronger and more contemporary sensibility, has starter for the Matlock House.

Inspired by the stylish New York apartment of Carmen Dell'Ofree, the American-Italian model, this space mandated, by the interior designer Danielle Brustman, from The Stylesmiths, to inject the style, color and sophistication that symbolizes its personality. The key piece of the installation: the pastel light blue fire place. 


2. Notan Office: Brussels, Belgium

Inspired by the chimneys of the modernist architect and design finalists Alvar Aalto, the architect Frédéric Karam worked to create a properly related spaces dictated by the idea of working with functional cores. The key element: a fireplace that runs around the corner containing the stairwell made by palette of warm orange concrete blocks and ceramics. 


3. Ski Lodge: Montreal

Control obsessed, we found it. We've found a unique structure to keep chopped wood inside a compact black fireplace at Quebec. Designed by by DKA Architects, based in Boisbriand, with interiors by Chambly studio Kl.tz Design, the Ski Lodge in Val Saint-Côme provides a cozy space for all those ski-loving luckies. ones.


Photography via Nicole England, Maxime Delvaux, José Marino.