Oursin by Jacquemus, bringing the Mediterranean coast to Paris again

Whitewashed walls, a citric color palette and wicker chairs are part of the Mediterranean design imaginary. All over the French, Greek and Spanish coast we can find this elements; almost in all towns and coves and today, we can find them in Paris.

Simon Porte Jacquemus designed Oursin, his second restaurant placed on the second flour of the Lafayette Galleries in collaboration with the restoration group Caviar Kaspia. All inspired by the designer's childhood as well as the decorations on his catwalks.

On the coast of the Mediterranean countries, the houses have whitewashed facades, giving it a rugged appearance and a color that reflects all the evening light. Jacquemus has managed to recreate these constructions on the walls of his restaurant, creating a small windows in which there is a piece of ceramics, all designed specifically for the restaurant.

The tables all covered with long white linen tablecloths and dishes with ceramic recreations of classical plates all made by the expert ceramist Dafne Leon.

jaquemus- dezainaa 3.jpg
jaquemus- dezainaa 2.jpg

To recreating the environment and the light of the coast, we can find two important elements. One is the large window on the side of the restaurant and the other is a huge vine plant in where the light bounces and creates shadows adding a more cozy atmosphere.

Oursin is the brand's second gastronomic project, after Le Citron, located on the first floor of the Galleries. Both open everyday to the public to enjoy a little bit of Mediterranean Sea in the middle of the city beat of Paris.

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