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MORQ is an architecture studio based both in Italy and Australia, established in 2001 by Matteo Monteduro, Emiliano Roia and Andrea Quagliola. This studio proposes a modern structure dwelling with the rural landscape of the Calabria region, the southernmost part of mainland Italy protruding between the Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas. It is defined through a long and narrow peninsula with the Aspromonte massif in its southernmost tip bordered by the sea on three sides. This unique mountainous structure is full of ridges with terraces sloping down towards the sea.

Both monochrome and vibrant, villa RA response to sun and land, revealing different faces through shadows and ever-changing material nuances. 

This compact structure is punctuated by openings which frame the landscape and generate a dialogue with its natural context: as a typical characteristic of a Mediterranean dwelling. The central role is to express a relationship with the place, rather than act as an unrelated autonomous object. 

Large living areas, both indoor and outdoor, are defining the entire structure.

The material used for this homogenous architecture is called ‘cocciopesto,’ a type of plaster which chromatically blend with the soil. 

The surroundings of the villa unfold cinematically through framed openings which further serve to facilitate cross-ventilation along the axis of the house. The thermal mass of the thick walls mitigates the passing of hot days and cold nights, while deep openings prevent overexposure to the direct sun.

"We like spaces that are intimate yet open, engage with shades of natural light, change throughout the day and are activated by the emotive and sensorial qualities of materials" - Morq Studio.


Images via: Morq Studio