eyes come first

Even before the scent and taste, an image comes to our brain, an image that then generates an instinctive reaction.

Serving is a project. And as any self-respecting project has its rules. Studying the geometries, the colours, the textures and the volumes of food have great importance so that a dish, as well as tasty, is also beautiful. From a simple container, to plate become an expression of creativity in the kitchen.

The word "Compose" means "putting together more things, establishing harmonious relations between them so that each supports the other". The dish is a powerful means at our disposal to appreciate and make people understand in all aspects the meals we have cooked.

Angela Simonelli prepares many recipes of different styles and difficulties, letting herself be inspired by great chefs, nature's colours, art and our feelings.

Angela Simonelli, a professional architect, has become a food designer imagining and creating original dishes, interpreting the dish as a canvas on which to sketch, write, play with chiaroscuro, volumes and colours. She can be seen as an architect of food.

She has managed to reconcile her work with her passion, in fact, in addition to her website Tre Muffin and Un Architetto, she teaches food design and lay-in techniques in various schools.

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