embracing Suprematism with the power of sculpture

Valeria Vasileva is a designer from Barcelona. By watching to her pieces, it is easy to say that she embraced the idea of Suprematism Design. This influence is visible not only in the material - terracotta and anthracite - but also in the geometries of her vases.

The entire process is undertaken by hand, except for the kiln where the final product is fired. Vasileva uses locally sourced clay and materials to create her pieces, all handcrafted.

Focused on art and functionality, shape and volume converge to create small sculptures with defined lines in which the emptiness of matter acquires as much importance as its presence.

What’s distinctive about Valeria Vasi is the striking shapes its vases take: a torus shape, U-shape, and a sphere with a long neck, among all.

Indeed, Vasileva’s work focuses on basic geometric forms in a limited range of colors. Vasileva has drawn upon this movement, applying it to the shapes, materials and colors used in her range of ceramics.


Images by: Valeria Vasi