surrealistic humor

Lilian Martinez is an intuitive artist form L.A. She works as a solo artist and is the mind behind BFGF, a line of pop and ironic furniture objects, an art brand that focuses on making "accessible pieces for the home and body."


Key influences in her work are the artist’s surroundings, in fact in her works are evident elements as desert, plants, fruit, snacks, transcendent experiences and comfort. Carpets are the protagonists of her collection, which also includes paintings and ceramics. These carpets are characterized by surreal and humorous collages that combine elements that, saw by an external eye, have nothing in common between them. Each piece is unique. Different elements define these designs: the Simpsons; the symbol of Nike; typical Californian landscapes; statues of ancient Greece and figures that recall Matisse's shapes.


This thoughtful randomness, this eclectic mix, gives humor and irony to the carpets that become real works of art.

Lilian's works are available online on her site.