"playing with fire"

Fireproof fabric forms and blown glass are the protagonists of the latest collection of work of the German designer, Fabio Vogel. The project is named "105 ltr Formen" and presents vases that are created using an experimental technique. The idea of creating objects out of fabric covers shows what is possible if you combine traditional handcrafts with modern technology, allowing the element of fire to direct each unique piece, revealing patterns and characters such as the fabric's folds, curves, and stitches.

Even if the fabric is sewed with total precision, the result will always be different due to temperature and size. "Coincidence" is the keyword of this magnificent project. The fire has the main role in this project: it has the strength to both create and destroy, designing something new. The experiments aimed at applying fireproof textiles to other areas of use. Blurs are admitted and a further essential characteristic of this work is Coincidence.

Objects made of textiles face constant changes: in here every object is a unique copy. It is the fire to has the power, you can only influence deformation to a certain degree, as the process implies variance.


Photography by: Fabio Vogel