pixels are not only for digital formats

Someone finds inspirations in spaces, someone in movies and others in music, Japanese artist Yuki Yoshida, this time, has found hers in food. Yoshida is known for her playful design aesthetic, creating luminescent illustrations using models and other everyday objects, with signature pops of color and smart lines.

Pixels are typically associated with digital formats, but not this time: she presents a new way to see them. For this project, she has created a surrealist series in which collections of food appear to have been manually pixelated. Everyday ingredients appear as though they’ve been digitally pixelated and spliced together.

Yoshida’s rendering of fruit, vegetable, and burger takes their organic forms and re-configures their colors in cubes, perfect in their repetition and size.

In one piece, an entire burger is partly distorted by displacing cubes of meat patty, bread bun, tomatoes, and cucumbers. In other works the fruits’ skin appears to drip from them like wet paint onto the floor. No matter the surreal twist, Yoshida’s extraordinary food art is sure to make you do a double take.

This series of pixelated foods, created by meticulously cutting squares out of foods and then rearranging them, were produced for the ZINE House exhibition.

Dezainaa_ yuni-yoshida-pixelated-food-002.jpg
Dezainaa_ Yuni-Yoshida-Collater.al-3.jpg
Dezainaa_ yuni-yoshida-picame-14.jpg
Dezainaa_ yuni-yoshida-picame-23.jpg

Photography by: Yuki Yoshida