the power of touch, Tero Kuitunen

Throughout his work, Tero Kuitunen, a spatial and product designer in Helsinki, wants to find something that moves and touches people: he creates objects that feel good in people's hands.

The aim is to design something with character to which people can connect themselves, he wants to awake feelings with a sense of playfulness, a recurring theme in his works.

dezainaa_1-1024x683 (1).jpg

Materials and colors are his biggest inspiration when starting a new design project. He invites people to present him young ideas to then work on them together: as a matter of fact, he sees every new project as a fresh start that can be brought to the next level.

His style is characterized by bold colors, unexpected forms, and humor: with these choices, he wants to evoke people with questions and make them happy finding insightful solutions, showing an accurate and deep understanding towards them.


Playing with hands is another crucial element in his philosophy: he is not afraid of getting his hands dirty. The natural way of creating for him is by "doing".

He says: "Touching is a theme that I work with. How can my work touch people and how materials and forms invite to touch? I often find inspiring materials or colours and the creative process starts from there."

Photography by: Tero Kuitunen