products above customers in this unique " fashion- abattoir"

Sala de Despiece means "cutting room" in Spanish. This unique tapas place is located in Madrid, characterized by cold enlightenment and industrial decoration: like a meat processing room which could be summed up as high-fashion abattoir.


The logo of the restaurant resembles a label and recreates the essential and functional shipping label's aesthetic.

To follow this main concept and to remind clients that products are placed above them, atypical furniture is used in this restaurant as Porexpan boxes. Other elements defining the decor are meat hooks, styrofoam butcher containers, and black-and-yellow barricade tape.

The flashy interiors combine with an impressive authentic cuisine, run by chef Javier Bonet. The food is a gourmet spin on Spanish classics that could have come out of the kitchen of a Michelin-starred restaurant. Whether the beef is raw, served as ceviche, or cooked a la plancha, preparations are meticulous, and ingredients are carefully chosen to delight gourmets.


The restaurant doesn't leave anything unthought: you eat on red and white butcher paper — the taste of authenticity in a trendy setting. In addiction to this a handwritten menu - which looks like a butcher's inventory with the exact weight of the portions written down - characterizes the restaurant, packed with tempting dishes created with the freshest products.


Staff perform with their uniform - made of butcher's aprons and bow ties to honor the products they work with - as if they're on stage: swooping from table to table to light dishes on fire, carve steaks, and take orders at supersonic speed.

A sort of spectacle where everything is a surprise: the food, the presentation, the flavours and the atmosphere.

At Sala de Despiece counter seating is assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, they offer the possibility of making an online reservation at Mesa de Despiece, the ¨Butcher's Table¨. This is a 12-seat communal table that is situated in a separate room that evokes a cutting space, located just behind the product window display: it's the cold storage. It is a 35 euros minimum spend per head not including drinks. You can also book the entire room for a minimum spend of 600 euros.


In conclusion, it's evident that raw materials are key to Sala de Despiece, where the interior design seeks to enhance the essence of these products and transform them into leading actors.

Products are the number one priority.

Pictures by: Sala de Despiece