An alien landscape in the small town of Den Bosch

It might look like the set of a science fiction film, but it is all true: in 1984, the Dutch artist and sculptor Dries Kreijkamp decided to bring forward an experimental project announced years before (1968).

Dezainaa_ Bolwoning-00014

This curious settlement - “ball” or “bulb” homes- consists of 50 rounded white houses that resemble extraterrestrial buildings in the neighborhood of Den Bosch in the Netherlands. These houses are made out of cement and fiberglass.

He analyzed architectural styles of traditional cultures and became fascinated by round clay huts of African tribes who build and igloos of the Eskimos. Kreijkamp’s inspiration for using a spherical design for his buildings came from his belief that the globe-shape is the most organic shape possible.

Each building is elevated on a cylindrical socket. Inside each golf-ball shaped home is a compact apartment dwelling with a uniquely otherworldly feel. By entering the front door, there is a small storage area and a stairway which leads into the sphere on top. The globe contains a bedroom, a bathroom, and a toilet. Furthermore, the sphere provides a living area and a kitchen.

The buildings are best suited for single people or childless couples, as space inside is tight ( 55 square meters).

Though today they're more than 30 years old, there are still people living inside these Jetsons-esque buildings.

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