FILOTEA encourages affection in third aged people.

A collection of four objects designed to facilitate individual and couple affection during old age was thought by Italian designer Elena Tamburini.

Comprised of a mirror, a brush, a table and a walker, each of the objects in the Filotea collection refers to an affectionate daily gesture, such as a caress, a touch, or looking at yourself or your partner. The project reflects on the dynamics of affectivity in an innovative and increasingly expanding target and wants to raise awareness of the right of pleasure for all ages.

Sexuality is a taboo in society, particularly in old age, for this reason, Elena decided to get inspired by this "social limit". Filotea is designed to encourage individuals and couples to express love and affection whatever their age.

The name of the collection, Filotea, is taken from Greek's mythology, referring to Greek goddess who was the personification of affection, passion and sex: Philotes.

Each object represents a daily gesture based on Tamburini's own studies and personal interactions with older people and their relationship habits.

The first object, called Otello, is a mirror designed to imitate the feeling of a caress: it reflects the user's image and it is surrounded with feathers that the user can stroke their face with.

Another object in the series is a brush for the body, called Filomena, which stimulates the skin through a sensory massage.

A coffee table designed to fit in-between two chairs also features in the collection. Called Alvise, the piece features two lateral arms with cushioned rests that two people can use to lean on. The Alvise coffee table encourages couples to hold hands as they rest their arms.

The last object in the collection is the Mirella walking frame that allows two people to move freely and dance together.

The design's style is influenced by the target audience, which refers to the '20s with a focus on circular shapes. Tamburini used materials typically found in this period, such as brass and green glass. Each object was made by local artisans, in a bid to preserve Italian craftsmanship, which she claims is slowly disappearing.

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