Town and Concrete, a studio in which art and architecture are the same thing.

In 2016 born Town and Concrete, a creative studio where art and architecture meld. Behind this project, there is Cyril Lancelin, a French architect and artist who, once completed his architecture degree in 1999, has been working on habitats and their boundaries.

Renderings of dreamy concept residences and sculptural installations imagined in large architectural scale are his forces. Cyril uses primitive forms in his drawings, making them the pillar of his work. With the help of parametric tools, he is making research in different fields: he utilizes a vocabulary of classical shapes and volumetric spaces essential to creating unique structures. In his vision, forms are used at the architectural scale to create experiential art.

In every project that he made, it’s not only the sculpture that counts: but the relationship between the sculpture and the visitor. Sometimes the visitor can get inside it or becoming part of it interacting with other visitors. The spectator has to feel the volume, the empty and the full. Other times the installations are labyrinth with passages and places. This architectural exploration can be seen as a new way to learn about alternatives to simple partitions to delimit several spaces.


Half Line, 2018. Galerie MR80, Paris. photo: (c) Dannan Wang


Arches, 2018. Ligne Roset Westend, London, LDF 2018. photo: (c) Adrian-Robinson


Knot, 2017. ADM, Hangzhou, . photo: (c) Sam Hsueh

Photography: Town and Concrete