the art of carving has never been so hypnotizing

The Japanese ceramist Haruya Abe has wholly innovated the way of seeing the art of relief on clay and pottery.

The artist is utilizing Instagram to provoke interest and curiosity about a technique called Yokoku, which means relief, and let the artist create beautiful patterns that stand out from the clay's surface, which is scraped away to form Shinogi ridges, carved line by line.


The patterns are first carved into the mold, then applied by pressing tableware that has been shaped on a potter's wheel. Abe's reliefs are known for being particularly detailed and intricate.

By carving simple yet elegant patterns into pottery, this ceramicist has created a beautiful line of handmade dishware - and a large Instagram following.

His account features short hypnotic videos of his diligent work. A sense of satisfaction takes over whoever is watching the video: people from all over the world are following him just to see the next one.

Video after video he started a new kind of "personal advertising" in this oldfashioned and traditional field: he modernized it.


Photography by: Haruya Abe