escape from reality to surreal imagery, the world of Visual Citizens

Digital is nowadays a powerful channel for designers and their creations: it has the potential to change the way of working and thinking about spatial design.

Visual Citizens are one of the design studios offering surreal renders as windows into the limitations of the future architectural world developing around us. These renders as seen a suggestive way to escape from reality from the two owners of the studio: Shali Moodley from South Africa and Adam Kelly from Scotland.

The two designers explain that their job consists in rendering surreal environments and filling them with fantastical objects. Their aesthetic is very evocative and minimalist, the colors that they are using are not in line with the trends of the moments: they decide them starting from the project on what they are working.

A sense of escapism and the boundless world of visualizations and digital fabrication combine in their works: Shali approach design in a more intuitive way, making surprising and sublime compositions, whereas Adam designs adapt and collect these compositions into something with more structure and a controlled logic. They are a perfect combo of two opposing attitudes.

Digital design allows them to participate in a medium not constrained by the usual architectural restrictions. They fully immerse themselves in the complete design of space–designing sculptures, murals, unusual spaces, and lighting them in a dramatic or unnatural way. They like to imagine how traditional spaces could be considered differently in the future, how they will look like.

visual dezainaa.jpg

Photography by : Visual Citizens