straight lines, an ancient myth

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There is a place in France where straight lines are an ancient myth. The Hungarian architect Antti Lovag gives expression to his main ideal of "architectonical utopia" in a remarkable structure called "Palais Bulles," built in 1898 on a rocky cliff above the French Riviera. This palace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea is there to impress.

Lovag views architecture as a play- spontaneous, joyful, full of surprise form as we can notice in his project "Palais Bulles," well known as "Bubble Palace," an extravagant pink bubble house on the hills of Cannes. Designed as a family home, it includes a set of shared living areas and private spaces dedicated to the family members.

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The visionary constructor renounces to geometries, corners, and edges in favor of spherical shapes. According to his vision, cubes and angles impede our movement and break our harmony. This building is a mixed ensemble of spheroidal rooms, where elements of different nature combine and bound in circular forms leaving the individual disoriented.

As a matter of fact, in this uncommon structure, everything is rounded: rounded walls, rounded windows, rounded sofas, rounded chairs, and rounded gardens.

The provocative architect reconsidered the concept of conviviality, making it become a sort of a circular phenomenon. He doesn't focus on the architecture itself but on the man and his needs.

This futuristic design is based on Lovag's observations and responses to the local land and climate conditions. The spheres scattered in the Bubble House have a self-supporting metal structure that does not require foundations. In this way, the architect was able to follow the natural movements of the rock, and decide where and how to place the openings and windows, before covering the round structure with cement.

A touch of modern freshness characterizes the whole structure: red rock floor, pink plaster, glass and steel doors, circles and arches across each interior, rounded corridors that turn into tunnels throughout the space. These are just some of the elements that characterize this sprawling mansion.

Its feminine curves carry over into the decor, with bespoke furniture designed by contemporary artists to blend harmoniously with the spaces in the many suites.

The flow of the interior creates continuously-different angles, each catching the sun to assemble their own shapes, interspersed by circular pools and palm trees.

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Obviously, this remarkable structure couldn't simply remain a vacancy home to rent, a hidden gem to discover: Pierre Cardin bought it in the early 90s, and he had it decorated and furnished by different contemporary artists. By doing so, he made this bizarre mansion became a unique and unexpected location perfect for hosting celeb parties and fashion events like Dior's resort show in 2015.

However, it is still possible for the public to experience first hand this extravagant mansion, this insane structure is not just a "see but not touch" deal as it is, in fact, possible to rent.