The Herdade do Freixo Winery, an iconographic and silent architecture in Portugal

Herdade do Freixo is an agricultural company based in the north-east of Portugal's Alentejo region, in the Redondo council area.


The architect Frederico Valsassina and his team were invited to design the interior space.

Bold and unusual, this space is designed to a stringent technical and creative brief and is deliberately discreet and unobtrusive.

Valsassina constructs the winery as a continuity of its environment, deciding to work underground, up to 40 meters deep, respecting the wine and the terroir.

The temperature of the cellar, in fact, is ideal for the proper development of the wines and retains their freshness and balance.

The winery is built entirely underground, divided into three levels, accessible through its central ramp. Concrete characterizes the whole structure. In this project, nature and architecture combine, the structure is seen as a continuing of the Alentejo land thanks to the choice of the materials and of the colors utilized for the construction: its a sort of protection of the rural landscape.

Dezinaa_ alentejo

Photography by: Herdade do Freixo