Francesco Balzano and Valeriane Lazard, together for Studio Twenty Seven gallery

Timeless line and functions are the inspiration for this furniture collection designed by two French designers: Francesco Balzano and Valeriane Lazard.

From this combo, a limited edition Primitif collection was born: a series of matching stoneware is on display at Studio Twenty Seven gallery in Miami.

This collection includes a stretched out oval shaped lamp that emits light from its hollowed middle; four cone-shaped forms that can be used as paperweights; and a set of five jars that can be stacked on top of one another to form a totem.


All elements are made of the same material with similar texture and tone: each was carved from beige-colored Pietra di Medici limestone quarried in Italy. Simple monolithic shapes were also used across the different-sized pieces.


Despite its weight, stone is a popular material for homeware. Other designers have exploited its heavy and textural properties, such as Sanna Volker and David Umemoto.

Photography by: Annick Vernimmen