the "Father's House," between glass and concrete lines

Concrete, glass, and natural elements - such as stones and a pond surrounding the house - characterize this cold and linear structure.

Shades of white and grey are the protagonists of this panorama.


This house has been projected by Sergey Makhno architects in the Kiev region of Ukraine.

Designed for Makhno’s own family, ‘Father’s house’ had the original concept to create ‘a house of lines’ and the resulting design follows this idea as it is minimalistic and honest in its articulation, while also creating a place of safety and comfort.

The house has bedrooms, a wine room, a kitchen, a living room, and a gallery that has been built on a pedestal so that the ceiling is higher than in the main building and the collection of paintings that are present are closer to the lighting.

Alexandr Kovpak, the chief architect of the ‘father’s house,’ said that the walls are designed to protect the intimate spirit of the family while opening the house up to the panoramic landscape of the ‘father’s house’ site.