from an anonymous object to a vase

Elegance. Structure. Function.

These are three words that define the iconic Lapis ceramic vase designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni.

CEDIT, an Italian company specialized in the ceramics industry, puts its craftsmanship in large ceramic slabs for the realization of a product that will innovate the very idea of architectural space, the sense of place and time.

In 1968 the company asked to the well-known designers Castiglioni to give a new life to this unique piece of design, originally in three sizes and a variety of colors. The vase came out starting from an anonymous object which then is elaborated. This vase has been named Lapis, like the family’s dog, which is why a sort of tail is supporting the object.

The original colors in 1968 - grey, brown and red - were called "Fumo," "Castoro" and " Ciliegia"; today's colors - grey, dark blue and red - have been given the names "Fumo", "Notte" and "Ciliegia" respectively.

Photography: CEDIT

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