calm home, calm life

Interiorism always has been one of the most important disciplines in people's life and also, one of the most ignored subjects in social life.

The furniture in the houses is the first impact that people have when they get up in the morning and when they return home after work. Its placement, its meaning, its colors and shapes directly influence the mood of people generating stress or relaxing their mind.

Home is where we are ourselves, where we can relax, express, be silent, be happy and also, is where we can show our way of being. People need mental space to leave what’s inside their head. Creating space sof comfortably between the kitchen and the living room or between the bedroom and the terrace.

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In Nordic countries, they developed a design line that took the account of hours that people were at home to create the most suitable space to feel good without getting tired or stressed. The Buddhist culture created Zen, which is a state of meditation through we can achieve peace. Zen was applied to numerous disciplines, including interior design and furniture to create unique pieces with which people can feel comfortable at home and make them love their homes and want to spend time out of there. in collaboration with the color and design psychology expert Kaller Haller and the Design Director Ruth Wasswemann launch the Now & Zen collection made up of furniture that helps us to escape from day to day and be happier in the place where our heart is.

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The collection consists of pieces with simples lines with exceptional finishes and materials. Simple but perfectly balanced, letting our minds rest. All produced in clear wood mixed plants to help us purify the air and bring nature inside our house. The materials become more natural for and simple, eliminating any excess that does not benefit us and generates noise in our homes.

With Now & Zen, brings us a new opportunity to reconnect with our lives and with our home improving everything else that surrounds us.