Note Design Studio and its whole recyclable installation


Tarkett's IQ Surface, the new material that can be wholly recycled all the times you want, composes the original installation of Note Des

ign Studio.

Inside of a historic Milanese building, located in Circolo Filogico, this formation exhibits their latest vinyl flooring proposal.


The potential of this homogeneous vinyl as a creative tool is evident as soon as you place a sample in their hands. And "many share this view; the architects who specify Tarkett Homogeneous Vinyl in their projects, the individuals who create Tarkett's flooring in a factory in Ronneby and the countless individuals who install it on floors and surfaces across the world.

As a material, it's an unsung industrial hero. Technically advanced, flexible, sustainable, and incredibly easy to clean & maintain —100% fit for purpose. And alongside these attributes, like the aesthetic qualities that open up endless possibilities for a designer or interior architect. The beauty of Tarkett homogeneous vinyl is that you really can have performance and beauty.

iQ Surface is a recyclable homogeneous vinyl flooring that brings us towards a genuinely closed loop product life cycle".


Also do not miss attention to the two meeting rooms; pick out the different colour hues of iQ Surface through “a harmonious association of materials. The Magis seatings, combined with Desso carpets, the iQ Surface partition wall and table covered with iQ Surface, create a cosy and welcoming boudoir atmosphere that encourages discussion”.


Photography via Note Design Studio