big pink color bloc, the Acne's new flagship store

acne dezainaa.jpg

Sometimes minimalist is misunderstood, the believe that minimalist is based in empty spaces and grayscale color palette it's a small part of what minimalism is. Enhance the personality of each object we have by fitting it perfectly in an atmosphere that fits perfectly to it. Minimalism can be in unadorned spaces, it can have geometric patterns, or it can be gray, red or pink.

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Nordic culture knows how minimalism work and they apply it everywhere. The Swedish brand Acne uses this style to potent their clothing in the stores. Their new store in Chengdu (China), has a large pink block as a facade, mixing the monochrome space with a brutalism inspiration.

Inside the store, we can see long fixtures and a gridded lighting installation making clothing the center of the store. With Jonny Johansson as a creative director of the store and Max Lamb as a displays designer, they have managed to make the store a new place to visit in the city.

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