a place to have a dinner and study the reef, the new Norway experience

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Humans get wherever they want. If they want to go to the moon, they go. If they want to go to the highest point on earth, they go. Mostly all of the achievements that we get have happened without asking anyone's permission. With the pass of the time, we learn that all acts have consequences and when we don't think about the environment we are harming ourselves.

When we decide to construct a space in the middle of nature, we have to think about the impact and the consequences that we 'll provoke.

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Live under the sea is one of the human dreams but we are not capable of doing this by now but, thanks to the architecture studio Snøhetta we can have a very nice dinner under the coast sea of Norway, the restaurant Under.

After a lot of study of the environment and the natural area, the studio got the perfect design for the restaurant, one that was not aggressive with the situation and that did not break with the aesthetics of the place. Looking for a restaurant and nature to become one, they decided to design a tube-shaped structure that dips into the 5-meter coastline and protrudes from it 34 meters.

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The texture of the submerged part is rough with the intention that, with time, mollusks and algae adhere to it and the restaurant becomes part of the reef. In the section on the surface, we find the brutal touch mixed with the aesthetics of the area, the cement mixes with the clean and untreated wood typical of Norway.

Also inside of the restaurant, we can have the feeling of stay in the surface in the very first part of the space, the Champaign Bar decorated with a cream and pink color palette and the wall are covert in local wood. The submerged part change the atmosphere, the light and the textures.

The part of the restaurant with capacity for 35 or 40 people becomes more intimate and enveloping thanks to a huge window that shows us the bottom of the sea. The vein returns to be the protagonist and the color palette changes to colder thanks to the bluish light of the window.

Continuing with Nordic aesthetics, the tables of different sizes and chairs echo the elegant and fluid lines of the area in natural tones where the wood is the protagonist. The carpenter job done by HAMRAN iit's an excellent example of sustainability, all the wood used for space were for the surroundings of the restaurant.

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