current designs, centenary techniques brought to the present

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Terracotta is one of the oldest materials the human has been using from the beginning of the civilizations until today. The texture and the color that terracotta have made this material unique and complete by itself, perfect for the inside and the outside.

Masquespacio in collaboration with the curator Valentina Guidi have celebrated the anniversary of the Poggi Ugo the artisanal Italian house.

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After making two trips, one time travel to the Latinamerican seventies looking for inspiration for the techniques, the shapes, and the desings and; and another to the Tuscany to learn the work by the experts they finally got the point to the work for the Fuorisalone exposition for the Salone di Milano .

A collection of the inside of outside pieces made in all in terracotta or mixed with golden steel and blue glass. Chairs, base plants, room dividers, and a high table are some of the pieces that we can find all with geometrical designs and leaves patrons.

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