Precious object, Claudia Wieser

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Inspired by the history of art, design and architecture, a common trait of Claudia Wieser’s work is the use of strong geometric, ornate forms, and a selective application of color.

Wieser (b. 1973, Freilassig, German) apprenticed as a blacksmith, then worked in the film industry, before doing an MA in painting and sculpture experiences that enabled her to become a virtuoso maker in diverse materials, including wood, mirror, gold, copper, ceramics, ink, acrylics and photographs.

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With influences from the ancient Roman to media and passing through Bauhaus, her installations and pieces are precious and perfect but with handmade reminiscences. For the artist: “There is the danger of beauty in my work, or a danger that it becomes purely decorative. You always have to put something in it that breaks it”.

Photography: Daily Art Fair

Text: Studio eleà

Claudia wieser dezainaa.jpg
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