Chair of the month: Episode 4- Paimio Chair

paimio dezainaa 2.jpg

One of the bases of furniture design is ergonomics, the science that studies how the human body’s proportions and how the furniture adapts to the body to improve our lives. All nordic designers are strict when it comes to following the basis of ergonomics and Alvar Aalto is one of them.

His designs were clean and lineal. Every single part has a purpose in the form of the furniture and every furniture as a purpose with the space and with it’s utility.

The aim of the Paimio chair, was to make breathing easier. In 1928, tuberculosis was one of the main concerns in Europe and sanatoriums were built throughout the continent to improve the health of the Europeans. They need to rest and keep a good position of the body to breath.


The solution was a simple four pieces chair. Two closed arches, a birch blade curved with steam and a small blade to maintain stability. Following the Breuer design of the Wassily chair, adapting the curves and the shape of the seat to the typical materials of Aalto, changing steel and leather for birch.

The height and shape of the seat, allows the body to maintain a relaxed and stretched position for a longer time improving breathing and circulation. Its particular design allowed it to be the most popular chair in sanatoriums throughout Europe.

Nowadays you can have it in your home without suffering tuberculosis thanks to Domestiko for 3250€.

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