concrete looking like velvet, a monolith house

tranquil house dezainaa.jpg

A lot of designers have dedicated their careers to the brutalism. Concrete mega-structures, metal and naked iron: clean and magnificent. Some of them perfected so much the technique that they managed to turn the cement into velvet. We can find that examples all over the word and one of these examples is in Shiga, Japan

Between a fabric and a traditional house with his back to a highway, the Tranquil House, a house converted into a concrete monolith. Designed Kouichi Komura the house has a singles plant for the dinning and the living room, all with polished concrete walls and a second floor for the bedroom.

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The hall of the house is designed as the entrance of the traditional temples, another sing of the characteristic mix of the new and the tradition in japan, always moving towards the future without forgetting the roots.

With an extra minimalism style in all decoration of the house, we can count the pieces of furniture with one hand. Designed for being simple and calm the house provides the tenants with a state of peace in which they can be relaxed, oblivious to what happens beyond the concrete walls.

Photography: Norihito Yamauchi.

tranquil house dezainaa 5.jpg
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