Breath Ivory press, a white space

Ivorypress presents this project created by British artist and writer Edmund de Waal.

Breath  is an invitation to work across Ivorypress’s three different spaces: the publishing house, the exhibition space, and the bookshop. In fact, at the heart of this project there is an artist’s book, made with materials as porcelain and paper.

Breath is a question what books are and how is their presence in the world but it is also a celebration of bookmaking. The craftsmen has become part of the DNA of the project.

The book contains poems by Paul Celan, words by Edmund de Waal, and beautiful white spaces; empty pages, pages brushed with porcelain slip... all kinds of different silences within one book.

Breath. Until 11 May 2019, Ivorypress Madrid

Photography: Ivorypress

Text: Studio Eleà

ivorypress dezainaa 4.jpg