Lines turned into furniture


Imagine that you hold a pencil in your hand. Now try to draw a chair in one stroke. Imagine that the traces that you are drawing starting little by little to be drawn in the air. Do you have the image in your head?

For a similar process had to get through the designer Nendo when he designed the series "Thin Black Lines". Slight black lines like the traces of sketches drawn in the air making surfaces and volumes appear in the form of furniture.


Now let's do the inverse. Imagine a physical object, a tree for example, and try to draw it on a paper with a simple stroke. With this basic process of simplification we have created with a few lines a symbol endowed with meaning, as in Japanese calligraphy itself.

That’s Nendo’s job, creating these small “!” moments.

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Photography: Nendo. Text: Patricia Izquierdo