maintain your books together, keep them safe

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Books are not simply pieces of paper that tell us stories or give us information. Books are the result of an effort, the shape of ideas, a set of knowledge. It take a lot to fabric a book: trees, ink, printers, designers, writers, editors, programs, transports, shops, people, you. For all that steps they deserve to be cared of, to stay in a special place of you home in a bookcase or in a desk.

To praise the specialness of books, Ciszak Dalmas have launched their last collaboration with the NY based furniture and housewares brand Tortuga Living. A set of bookend in three sizes and colors called Dumbo, manufactured in steel and available in three sizes and color schemes.

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Designed to hold different sizes of books and also different types of covers, adapting to pocket formats, hard covers and other soft formats such as magazines and fanzines.

To keep your books, magazines and fanzines safe, you’ll only have choose between the Alpine, Sahara or Laguna, all in different colors and sizes.

If you want to learn more about the essence about Ciszak Dalmas, just check their design from the most minimalist shop in Madrid.

Photography: Ciszak Dalmas

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