dreams turned into architecture


Silence, calm and peace are some of the feelings produced by the images created by Alexis Christodoulou. Images that evoke oneiric spaces, places to go and escape for a while. Atmospheres created with pale colours and the use of water and light as the main elements in the composition.

Although the realism of the images is obvious, the digital artist wants to achieve a different effect with his work: "I like my images to have a certain fake quality about them to let the viewer know that they don't have to be too serious with their imagination when looking at the images," he said. 

For the same reason, his scenes are also always void of any human beings. The artist prefers the viewer to imagine how they would exist in the space.


Some of the unequivocal references of the artist cited by himself are: Aldo Rossi, David Chipperfield, Superstudio, and Le Corbusier. However, other references that can easily come to mind are the Roman baths by the use of arches and water, the architecture of Luis Barragán by the use of colours and interior courtyards open to the sky; and the serenity of architecture of Ricardo Bofill.

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Photography: Alexis Christodoulou. Text: Patricia Izquierdo