Mastering the art of bakering, mastering the art of spaces

Masa-dezainaa 5.jpg

Bread, in some many forms, is the base of all cultures. Naan, tortillas, pita, baguettes or small buns. All ready to share with everyone as a global social custom of closeness and welcome. Bread is always around us.

To embrace this tradition Studio Cadena, has created a meeting space starting from the remodeling of a common house into a warm and modern space in Bogotá.

Masa, a restaurant in where enjoy every kind of bread that brings the scale of the large lot into smaller components.


The particular thing of the space is to join two opposing concepts in the same space creating a constant balance. A warm color palette inside and raw and grey materials outside. The triangular windows from the floor to the ceiling to improve the space and the light, creating intimate spaces and, in counterpoint, a giant circular window overlooking an interior garden that brings nature closer to one of the great capitals of the world.

Another characteristic from this particular space is that you can listen to any conversation from any point of the establishment, to be able to transmit proximity to a large open space.

An example of how opposite things come together in all aspects of life.

Photography: Naho Kubota