Table Of Contents 101

Table Of Contents 101-1.jpg

101 is part of the Wang & Söderström’s experimental series called Table Of Contents. This exhibition explore a great variety of textures and shapes, or words to that effect “from the wonderfully wobbly and organic to the geometric and polishedmade with biodegradable plastic (PLA), cork, wood, stone and filaments.

101 objects or contents that looks like sea natural sponges, vases and microscopic organisms in a much larger scale.

The "handcrafted" 3D models have been reproduced in physical form through 3D printing and are left deliberately unpolished to show the traces of this specific technique.

Once again, the borders between the digital and the physical are completely blurred.

Table Of Contents 101-1.jpg
Table Of Contents 101-3.jpg
Table Of Contents 101-4.jpg

Photography: Beata Cervin

ProductStudio Eleà