A shelter away tourism in Santorini

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Santorini is one of the most visited parts of Greece because of the white and blue villages and it's forms of half moon. That disposition is because the city was built on a partially submerged volcano caldera. Built from the remains of an abandoned residence composed by five stables and a principal house, today, we found the Istoria Hotel with twelve suites, a pool and a restaurant. 

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Designed by Idlaboratorium, the Greek studio was inspired by nature and the simplicity of natural materials to create integrated spaces based in the style of the island. The hotel blends perfectly into the surroundings. Respecting the traditional architecture, the constructions are straights and plains following the old techniques of the area. Escaping traditional white and blue color palette, Idlaboratorium composed a earthy line of tonnes inspired by the sand and the volcano rocks. 

Inside the hotel, minimalist and stripped down luxury. Timber ceilings and stone pillars from old estructures completed with minimalist and sparse collection of furniture designed specifically for the hotel. We can find how the plaster walls and furniture, such as beds and jacuzzis, spring from each other naturally.

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Outside of the suites we can find a collection of the vegetation of the area like old olive trees, fans palms and aloe veras. 

Istoria Hotel also has a restaurant, Mr. E, specializing in local ingredients. Overlooking the Mediterranean and protected by palms, guests can enjoy a local dinner relaxing thanks to the volcanic sand floor present in the outdoors of the hotel. 

Photography:  Giorgos Sfakianakis

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