Poke restaurants around the bowl


1. Humble Fish ~ Lower Manhattan

This Hawaiian traditional dish, that have gained popularity over the past years seems to be the perfect excuse for Architecture Outfit, the New York studio, to create a tight budget based restaurant. Located in Lower Manhattan, this space in Tribeca brings a bright view of a dark old bar. Simple wood pieces and Home Depot goodies to create a great environment where enjoying some fish and rice.  


2. DeMaria ~ Soho (NYC)

Bauhaus and 1970's Soho inspiration. This space in Nolita host a minimal open space where cooking with love seems to be the ultimate proposal of the chef Adriana Urbina. Simple wooden structures, undecorated wood chairs and an exquisite touch made this traditional American food restaurant the place to be seven days a week. The brain after all this: The MP Shift studio. 


3. LA Poke ~ Berlin

There nothing like finding unique style while walking through the streets, and even more at Berlin. This city, composed by unstructured building, close to destruction spaces, graffitis and a old brown, dark grey palette, brings a light and colorful corner where outstanding poke is served while ultralight ultramarine gray paints its walls; the Outremer Gris named by Le Corbusier. 

The artist behind it, Bruzkus,  also based in Berlin splashed the space with a aesthetic of a Malibu beach house.  


Photography:  Humblefish, De Maria and Jens Bösenberg