design everyday, design in daily objects

When you love design, you try to put it in every single piece of your life; finding the perfect stationery, tableware, luggage or pet's staff. 

The nordic style could became an allied to design junkies. Ikea opened pandora's box in 1943 with clear lines, white lacquered wood and interesting furniture names. Now, you can find a lack table in all-your-friends-houses just because it's cheap and useful (bullshit). We will talk about it another time.

Get up, take an ecologic shower, and bush your teeth. Make the difference with a toothbrush from HAY designed by Andreas Engesvik composed by plastic and Nylon in five different colors. Simple, traditional and useful; the perfect item for your vanity kit. 

Our second object it's something essential in all houses, a dustpan and a broom from Norman Copenhagen. The ultimate solution we've been waiting for, the final replacement for the uncomfortable and traditional dustpan. Norman Copenhagen designed this fuctional tool in a flexible plastic making easy to collect bread crumb from your last brunch. The broom is made of beech wood and natural bristles perfect to all kind of surfaces. 

And the last daily object could be one of the most forgotten objects in the kitchen: the bin. Why we can just have a nice bin? Brabantia has heard our prayers designing the fantastic Bo Touch Bin. A bin to make recycling time easier, thanks to it's different departments. You can choose to have one, two or three cases for your waste. Available in intense or elegant colors with metallic finish, it adapts perfectly to all floors levels thanks to it's design and its adjustable legs. 

Put design in you life everyday and in everyway.