downtown in Beirut, Kaleo: the temple of textures


Managed by Found’d Group, this colorful and velveted space in Beirut is the final project of what seemed to be a skateboard startup in 1979. Now they own seven restaurants, boutiques and a bar & tapas joint. 

Downtown Beirut hosts a temple of textures which spread the words through senses and forgotten memories. 'Different elements and alternate details become focused in a galactic dance of matter, light and sound'.

This anomalous lebanese restaurant creates a soft environment where tasting Le Homard sur son Lit de Risotto, and a great selection of Pâte.


Also a quick mention for the anomalous carpets that seems to be the golden pin fo this exotic space, designed by for mooooi. This carpet belongs to the Dreamstatic Collection  that 'was imagined as an interpretation of dreams, in a way that one could remember some details of it but never really figure out what it means.'


Photography via Marco Pinarelli