5 days of hard work, 5 sofas to relax

Lucy Kurrein dezainaa.jpg

The sofa is one of the most important piece we can find everywhere, at the office, hotels, at home and also in a store. It will become one of the central objects in our house for partying, relax or to see all the episodes of the Assassination of Gianni Versace on Netflix.

From Monday to Friday we just bring you a selection of our fetiche sofas, modern or classy, comfy or not. 


Let's start with the latest piece of  Lucy Kurrein. Almost mandatory for Monday morning at the office while we update our inbox and news from the weekend. A modular sofa with complementary platforms to support a notebook, the laptop or a Margarita if weekend was not enough. With wooden structure covered with polyurethane foam and down and polyester fiber. All supported by a lacquered steel frame.She presented it at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. This piece could be the principal item of a lobby's hotel. 

float sancal dezainaa.jpg

Tuesday is for Float sofa by Karim Rashid a contemporary sofa with a lot os uses. You can use it as a wall-like screen to have some "me-time", as a piece of furniture to hang out your coat, or to create a private space in an open house. You can "do it yourself" choosing the size (it's avaliable in three sizes), the colors and the inclination of the headrest, the cushions and the arms in different fabrics in every place of the estructure. 

la isla sancal dezainaa.jpg

"On Wednesday we wear pink". La isla by Note Design Studio for Sancal, the where we can find also the Float sofa. Described as an enticing destination in a sea of nothingness. Ready to rescue three, four or six lonely people in the middle of an airport or in a conceptual store. Available in many colors to transmit us a feeling of isolated but not excluded self time. 

Thursday seems like a day for The Bob by Blå Station . The studio has worked with designers Thomas Bernstrand and Stefan Borselius. Like a multi-color centipede you can design every form, size and color combination sofa. Thanks to its modular nature and the availability of different high quality materials that are recyclable and renewable whenever possible. Wood from Scandinavia and Finland, with FSC certified and recycled wood and metals. If you can imagine it, you can do it and if you need some inspiration, please watch this hypnotic video. 

nubilo dezainaa.jpg

Nubilo sofa by Constance Guisset Studio is an mirage in a dessert, like a Friday evening. Constance wants to design an extra-cossy and positive space for us to take a nap or for read a book. Made by round cushions in different sizes it transmits calm and serenity to finish the laboral week. With an assemblage made by lacquered steel coated with polyester foam, wool and velvet in grayscale or pastel shade. Also you can get it for the kids in pastel colors. 

Photography by: Dezainaa Selection