take your children to dinner, make them imagine a new design world

neobio restaurant dezainaa 1.jpg

We live in a time where kids and their contexts are fashion and design subjects. Haute couture for kids, expensive sneakers, mini fur coats, and of course this cool-kids obsession includes incredibles places to attend.

That’s the case of Neobio Kids Restaurant in Shanghai, China. An space coming from the dreams and nightmares of Li Xiang mind and her team at the design studio X+Living. A unique environment of forms and colors coming from farthest wonderland.

With no hard surfaces either strong colors the project of this restaurant is inspired in a fantasy castle of pastel colors, towers and cornices.

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neobio restaurant dezainaa 2.jpg

Another idea of Li Xiang was a colorful hot air balloon which make children dream, play and having so much fun. So many balloons are represented as a pattern, everywhere as vehicles of imagination. To make this more interactive, kids can play in different pools full of blue bubbles, enormous grains of sand and toys; connected one to each other with a network of transparent acrylic tunnels, suspended above the restaurant. A creative way to watch out your children while you're eating. 

But, if want to have a more relaxing meal, you can also enjoy an incredible minimal restaurant with no kids crawling through tunnels above you.

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neobio restaurant dezainaa 4.jpg

Photography by Shao Feng.