Episode 1 ~ Chair your month: Oak-and-cane C chair


As everyweek, hundreds of new designers upload their master final project. But not all of them became a trend or a design,  because only understanding our older designers will achieve the fame. 

Today, first episode, we will review Marcelo Gascoin's work. As we do not like monographics we will only focus on its work and pieces. So, let's start since the very beginning. 

This modular storage expert born in 1907 played a major role in the french design after the World War II, becoming the sets of matching furniture star. Inspired by marine furniture, and its inherent container aspect, made him follow functionality and practicality criteria almost as a dogma.

Gascoin's furniture sets are based on mobile and modular structures while elegancy, ergonomic and modernity. 

Places you can still find it: Malcolm Kutner and Pamono. Price: $3,327.00 aprox. 

One of its main designs and the most recognizable one is the oak-and-cane C chair. Easy four wood legs, composed by only 10 pieces and two simple cane parts for the seat and back. 

© Vogue Russia

© Vogue Russia

Photography vía: Vogue.ua, Architecture Digest and Maison Française