maybe we are hungry, maybe we are obsessed

Think about it. Family reunion, food everywhere, Party, bite food. Hangover, nasty food. Having a good health, organic food. Food it's a protagonist in our lifes, in good and bad moments, there's always food. It's seen like in Dezainaa, we have a problem with the fear of food will ends someday but, it could be possible. 

It seems like Playfool Studio has this fear too. They say that climate change will affect food production and we must to get use to eat less. In that time of over consume of everything (internet, clothing, food, sex, and materials) we have to change our minds. 

Actually our bodys don't need every single thing that we eat, but our minds do. We can survive with a half part of breakfast, drinks and dinner. 

United to this thought and to its philosophy of work. Playfool Studio wants to play with our mind and make it believes that we are eating a full avocado toast, when we are eating half of it. For that they create the Half/Full tableware collection, it means a half bowl (and a fork, a knife a spoon, a plate and a glass) with a mirrow that makes our mind believe that we are eating a full bowl of miso soup. 

It also work if you want to reduce your addiction to Tonkotsu Ramen or to reconnect your mind with the pleasure