when indie meets minimalism, the definitive turntable


Tell me more, tell me more, like, does he have a car? 

Do you remember that bad-boy attitude leaning on the wall at the baseball ground, flagged by the guys from Grease ? If you don´t, here you have this turntable  to remind you. The Dude Turntable has a simple system composed by a mesh door which holds the vinyl with the needle integrated; this means that you just need to open the door to stop the music. The only action needed is to allocate your favorite disc and control the RPM with the knob on the side. 

Also a soft fabric covers the speaker with the same color as the mesh door and the knob. A great mix for those who want to get back to 60's. 


Photos: via Yanko

ProductMurphvynil, music, 60´s