sinner, go to church. Álvaro Siza has designed your match


When attending to church is not a matter of faith. Located in a residential area at the south of  Rennes, north-western France, the church of Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande, is the recent built of the famous Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza Vieira.  


Álvaro Siza, the master of cast concrete and geometry, the impulsor of the renovation of the Alhambra and the creator of the most relevant churches recreation in Portugal has come with a twelve meter heigh building and a sculptural silhouette for the house of God.

An incredible space that emanates ruth and spirituality thanks to a exquisite manoeuvre of lights and shapes. 

Noble materials but not pretentious ones. Simple corners of marble and minimalistic wooden chairs. A perfect match within the neighborhood its located. Simple white/grey blocks one next to each other. 


The main circular room of the church, with capacity for 126 devotes, has a suspended square surface that reflects the seating area below. The living room opens onto a semicircular side chapel housing the baptismal font with an adjoining semicircular apse containing the image of the Virgin in a perfectly rectangular lectern. 

Marble, concrete, cedar-wood and probably the most instagramable church you can attend.