play with lights and sangría at Casaplata, new Giorgio Morandi´s restaurant at Seville


There is a new place to be in the center of Seville. Used to conservative and more ornamented constructions, the heart of the city finds a new differentiation factor in the lights and cast concrete. 

Casaplata, restaurant and cocktail bar, is the new expression of the Spanish architects Lucas y Hernández-Gil. A sophisticated simplicity combined with the complexity of  the lights visual work of the Italian artist's Giorgio Morandi with the roughness of an urban aesthetic.

Most relevant materials are aluminium and leather, all perfectly mixed thank to the grey canvas provided by the cast concrete. Corrugated metal for the roof, laminated isolating materials to provide a better acoustic ambience and a lot of mirrors to create a wider perspective. 


Photos from Juan Delgado via Lucas y Hernández-Gil