a call from the past, a ceramic life to discover

Hayao Miyazaki's film are full of life and colors. In all his films we can see an apparent deserted big house but at the same time, full of little friendly creatures becoming the protagonists of the story. 

Thanks to this cinematography gender, we realize that creepy abandoned places can become an enormous space to imagination. Places where we can imagine little forest spirits, magic animals or beautiful creatures like Totoro. 

If you want to find this world in real life, Arhoj studio brought it to us. Arhoj borns in Japan inspired for all this imaginary and all this mysterious world of spirits and creatures; but today you can find them in Copenhagen. The studio borns to investigated the relationship between Scandinavian simplicity and traditional Japanese culture. The nexus of both cultures is the interest on keeping alive traditions and knowledge about old crafts.

The production process still being simply and traditional, from the papel to the potters wheel, changing designs and forms every year. The Arhoj studio artisands want to make the difference with the daily objects making them funny and colorful.

At the store, we can find an extent collection of cups, recipients and little figures (material representation of ghosts) that seem to look out the window waiting to be discovered by some child wearing a Japanese uniform. 

Sometime we have to take a step to the past to go to the future.