Blushhh secret store, the most instagramable place

blushhh-dezainaa 4.jpg

If it is not in Instagram, it does not exist. Unfortunately today this is real. If you do not register in instagram, everything goes unnoticed. The digital world evolves very fast and forces the rest of the world to evolve with it. Social relationships, fashion, how to communicate a launch and also design. The campaigns are done through Instagram and the sites are decorated and built following trends, good light, colors and materials that combine perfectly with each other and with our feed.

Fashion stores are built with the aim of enhancing the products but they are also built beautiful and thinking about how people will feel when they visit them.

In Kiev we can find one of the most "instagramables" points, the Blushhh store. A space to immerse ourselves in the most minimalist and pink Memphis style. Mixing metallic textures with velvet and structures that create different heights, we can forget for a moment that we are in a store. The Memphis- inspired black and white patterned breaks the sense of spaciousness by dividing the spaces, separating the fitting rooms and the central space.

The neons lights take the role of the points of light in the fitting rooms and in the form of logo bouncing the light in the mirrors of the stairs and the walls and also in the metallize walls.

AKZ Architectura have been responsible for creating this minimalist space in the middle of Ukraine. A study obsessed with points of light and simplicity, their works are focus on spaces that let the mind breathe with details of neon lights. Spaces that billow by themselves and that make the products they host shine.

Sometimes we forget that a good photo taken from a good angle can convey much more than a selfie. You just have to find the best places to get it out.