Play with food, use toys for eating

Our brain pleasure center is activated through touch, objects and eating. In the old age, eating was a process and an act of pleasure that was shared with friends and family. Afterwards, protocol, good manners and social differences have made us forget that eating is a part of our nature as animals that we are. 

Controlling all steps as if it were a military strategy. We classify the cutlery and order them, one for each ingredient and if we do not know how to use them, we are ashamed.

Transforming the time of the meal in an uncomfortable and full of rules has disconnected us from our animal part. We have also forgotten the pleasure of eating. Eating with your hands, smearing or eating something that we like but is not healthy, makes us feel guilty. It makes us transform it into a guilty pleasure.

Roxanne Brennen from Design Academy Eindhoven presented this Dinning toys for the Dutch Design Week a tableware with special shapes to activate the pleasure center with the lunchtime.

Each piece is specially designed to break with our routines with traditional cutlery. The weight and shape of each piece is specially designed to get the most pleasure with food. 

Made of stoneware and painted with porcelain effect, each of these toys serves to rediscover each flavor and each texture of the menu. leaving our comfort zone full of knives, spoons and fish forks, we activate again with our center of pleasure and our animal part.

We must appreciate every moment in which we eat and we have to appreciate the opportunity we have to eat because it may be that in the future, we have to eat a little different kind of food. If this doesn't work, we will have to search another kind of pleasure

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