Casa Decor, a design microcosm in Madrid

There's one building in Madrid that became the center of the interior design. Till March 25th, Casa Decor approach designers, clients or design lovers to each others. 

This 53º edition comes full of colors and creativity with an eye in handicraft and materials in 67 spaces designed by architects and interior designers as a showcase for the new design trends. 

The exhibition is based on a classic building of Madrid, renovated for the occasion that serves both to know the news and to renew the construction of the building searching for new buyers. A building from 1900, full of windows and balconies typical of the neighborhood. The one thing that make this construction special it the ironwork inspired in nature and flowers. 

casadecor- dezainaa

This year minimalism has disappeared to make way for a pink and green explosion in different textures. Classic pieces like cloth covered walls mixed with high technology taking an step to giving way to home automation. Automatic lights, fireplaces with steam and led light simulating fire. 

Casa Decor it's an opportunity to rediscover art deco, floors and walls of mosaics made with small pieces of stone mixed with wood and aged mirrors and small golden insects in 22 future households that will be for sale when the exhibition finishes.

casadecor- dezainaa