The decolonial sexualization


Pedro Paulo Venzon is a designer who has produced objects and artefacts, and whose concern is to create pieces that arise from a decolonial (an emerging Latin American movement which focuses on understanding modernity in the context of a form of critical theory applied to ethnic studies) reading of the discussions surrounding contemporary and modem design in Brazil. Since 2011, when he finished his academic studies, he has received important prizes In both Brazilian and international scenario, there is currently engagement with the production of syntheses between the authorial and industrial, the local and the global, between tradition and its displacements.


Now, with the Anca, Coito and Teta stools, the “Tríptico Infame” -“Infamous Triptych”- is a look at the colonial devices, the technologies of confession and the rigid discipline that operated in the production of a redemptive iconography.

The pieces intend “ to establish a hybrid relationship between severity and lightness, between sculpture and furniture, from a division between that which forms the order of function and that which, desecrating it, establishes dialogues not only with decolonial hyphenation, but also with contemporary aesthetic discourses”.